What can I do if I lose the earpad?

You can purchase another earpad on our website or our dealer shops.

I sounded garbled and faded in and out during phone call.

Please choose the correct size of ear pad, normally one size up from usual, to be tight in your ear to insulate from the outside noise to the point where you feel the utter silence in your ear. Please understand the sound coming from the ear is small and a bit different relative to that of mouth.

Are there other earbuds like this available?

Currently, we are the only one company to produce earbuds which you can speak trough the ear.
To prevent from other companies to imitate our products, we have filed many patents and intellectual properties in number of countries.

Can I connect RippleBuds with my car’s Bluetooth system?

No, but you can connect RippleBuds to your phone and use it while driving.

It does not charge when I put ear set to the cradle.

Put the ear-set over the cradle and gently press down the front part of the ear-set till it clicks. When it has been locked into the cradle, cradle will start charging the earbuds and LED lights of the cradle will turn red.

Make sure that Pogo pins of the cradle are all straight, levelled and not smudged.

Do I really need two RippleBuds or can I just get one?

You can always use just one RippleBuds. If you are a music lover and want to listen to music in stereo, then go for stereo.

If RippleBuds are wireless, how does it connect with my phone?

To connect RippleBuds to your phone, you will need to enable Bluetooth mode and press and hold the power button on RippleBuds. You will hear a voice “pairing mode” from the earbud. Once RippleBuds is displayed on your phone, you can tap on it to pair RippleBuds to your phone.

When I charge the cradle and ear set using the USB cable, LED lights turn off right away.

When LED lights are out, it means both ear set and cradle are fully charged.

Can you exercise with RippleBuds?

Absolutely, as the earbuds is sweat proof, the users can enjoy music while they are exercising.
Also the earpads are washable, they can remove it from the earbuds and wash it after sweaty exercise.

Are RippleBuds compatible with iPhones and Androids?

Yes, RippleBuds are compatible with any device as long as they are Bluetooth enabled.

Is there way to find out how much battery is left in ear set and cradle?

It is not possible to check how much batteries are left. But when it is fully charge, Red LED Light will turn off.

What colors do RippleBuds come in?

They come in two colors; “Black” and “Silver (recharging capsule) & White (earbuds)”

How are RippleBuds powered?

RippleBuds are powered by a micro USB cable that plugs into a regular power outlet.

When pairing ear set, can you turn off the blinking LED lights

The purpose is to show the state of normal operation and it is not possible to turn off the blinking LED light.

How secure are RippleBuds in-ear?

As we provide 5 sizes of earpads, the users can find the ones that fit the best to their ear sizes.
In addition, the 3 fins on the earpads will further prevent the earbuds to fall out of your ears.

How loud are RippleBuds?

Output sound : 92.7dB +- 3dB at 1KHz

Would it be possible to get firmware updates?

Since there is no interface in ear set, it is not possible to get firmware updates.


Will RippleBuds work for people who are hearing impaired?

No. However, it is possible to prevent hearing impairment. Many people suffer from hearing impairment due to exposure to high levels of noise/music for extended period of time. Our specially designed earpads will reduce the external noises going into the user’s ear so the user don’t have to increase the volume too much to compensate from losing the sound by the external noises.

Is the voice from the ear the same as the voice from the mouth?

Since RippleBuds doesn’t have an outside microphone, our specially designed in-ear microphone picks up the voice directly from the ear excluding the surrounding noise. The voice from the ear is bit different to the voice from the mouth. The voice from the ear has lower frequency response. But we already developed a firmware built into to the unit to enhance the sound quality.

Battery operating hours is too short.

Please understand the surrounding environments or volume could also affect the battery life.

Does RippleBuds use Bone Conduction?

RippleBuds does not use Bone Conduction microphone or speaker. Our specially designed microphones in RippleBuds will capture the ACTUAL VOICE leaking though the ear canal. We don’t capture vibrations from the skull bone. Therefore, the voice quality of RippleBuds is much better than the Bone Conduction devices on the market. Also our patented technology will prevent echoing and howling to occur even though they are installed closely in the tiny little earbuds together. Thus we can use sound speaker next to the microphone.

Will the left or right RippleBuds work alone for the stereo type?

Yes, either left or right earbud will work alone.

During the phone call, I can only hear from one of the earbuds.

During phone call, only one earbud is activated to speak and listen.

Can you listen to music with RippleBuds?

Absolutely. While not using RippleBuds for talking you can use RippleBuds to enjoy music wirelessly.

Can I pair RippleBuds to more than one device?

Yes, you can. To pair your RippleBuds, you need to enable Bluetooth mode and press and hold the power button on the earbud, you will hear a voice “pairing mode” from the earbud. Once RippleBuds is displayed you can tap on it to pair RippleBuds to your device.
You can do this with other device to pair it as long as the RippleBuds you are trying to pair is not connected to the other device.

I have lost one of the RS100 earbuds.

It will be sold separately. Please contact our support team for further inquiry (support@ripplebuds.com)

Who are RippleBuds designed for?

RippleBuds are designed for people who value clear communication.
RippleBuds can benefit people including: Car drivers, Cyclists, City Commuters, Military members, Police officers, Firefighters, Security guards, Construction/Factory workers, Airport employees, Event workers, Call Center Representatives, Concert-goers, Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals, Athletes, Sailors, and Beach Goers

When will I receive my RippleBuds?

If you purchased One-RippleBud, you will receive it in June 2016. If your purchased Two-RippleBuds, you will receive it in September 2016.

Risks and challenges

This is RippleBuds’ first product launch and we are dedicated to making it a great one for all of our backers. However, as we are managing shipping and delivery for the first time, we know there is potential for delays and logistic snafus.

We are confident that we will be able to produce and deliver RippleBuds as outlined in our timeline for several reasons:

1. We have experts on our team who have over 20 years of experience in hardware manufacturing.

2. RippleBuds has a factory and production facilities secured in Shenzhen, China.

3. We’ve already produced working models of RippleBuds using our current facilities and are prepared to scale our operation to meet the backer demand.

Our team deeply understands this campaign is an opportunity to establish a passionate customer base. It is our mission to leave our backers completely satisfied with our product and service!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

What about patents?

Our team members have put 4 years of hard work and research into these technologies and filed around 100 patents and other intellectual properties in 9 countries to protect our technology. Most of the patents are related to the core technologies which can reduce the echo and howling when the speaker and microphone are placed closely together in the tiny earbuds.

How much is the shipping and handling?

We provide FREE shipping to China and South Korea. A fee of $20 USD will be charged for all the countries.

How do I know if RippleBuds fits into my ear?

We provide five different sizes of earpads to make sure that RippleBuds fits into your ear. We have tested our earpads with many different sizes of the ear models and used various materials to see which one would be the best for the earpad. You can try the different sizes and choose the one that fits you best.

Can I change or cancel my perk?

Kickstarter allows backers to change their reward/contribution anytime during the live campaign. You can upgrade, edit, or cancel your reward in this time-frame. Once the campaign is over, all refunds, cancellations, and other changes to your reward or contribution will be evaluated by our team on a case-by-case basis.

How long can I listen to music or talk on the phone on one charge?

The earbud unit itself lasts for 5 hours of talking/listening time and 110 hours of standby time.

What is your warranty?

We have a standard 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. RippleBuds warrants manufacturing defects and workmanship during this time. If there is any defect during the warranty period, we will repair the product for free of charge or exchange the product with a new product.

What is the battery life and the capacity?

For the mono type, recharging capsule will provide 6 cycles of recharges to the earbud, allowing 35 hours of talking time on the go when you carry fully recharged earbud and the capsule.
For the stereo type, recharging capsule will provide 3 cycles of recharges to the earbuds (as there are 2 units to recharge), allowing 20 hours of talking time on the go when you carry fully recharged earbud and the capsule.
The battery capacity of earbud itself is 55 mAh.
The battery capacity of the recharging capsule is 310 mAh.

In functionality and technology, is buying two Mono Ripplebud units the same as buying one set of Stereo Ripplebuds?

No, it is not the same. Even though you purchase two Mono RippleBuds units, you can’t use them both at the same time to listen to music in stereo. You can only listen to music in stereo with the Stereo RippleBuds units.

How can I recharge RippleBuds?

Place the earbuds in the recharging capsule. If the recharging capsule has some power left, the capsule will recharge the earbuds as soon as the buds are placed in the capsule. If the capsule is flat on battery, you can connect the capsule with the enclosed micro USB cable to recharge both the earbuds and the capsule.

There are left and right dropouts or fade in and out while listening music using RS100

RIpplebuds RS100 operates in Bluetooth 2.4GHz wavelength ranges. Left and Right TWS dropouts could occur when it gets interrupted by surrounding Wi-Fi environment.

How long does it take to recharge RippleBuds?

It takes less than two hours to recharge both the earbuds and the recharging capsule.

People I talked to says I sound echoey and muffled.

In order to improve the call qualities and remove echoes, it is absolutely critical to choose the correct size of ear pad, normally one size up from usual, to be tight in your ear, insulate from the outside noise, to find the spot where you feel utter silence in your ear.

Noise blocking technology will not work properly without completely sealing off ear chamber. So when you find the right ear pads, please move them around, push in till you find the just right spot to insulate from outside noise. It takes a while to get used to but you will get it eventually.